do you really need to unlink?

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do you really need to unlink?

Postby myfishtv » Sat Jul 14, 2018 12:00 pm

do you really need to unlink? i will try to answer this question here.
the answer is "maybe"

if you got your subscription from a reseller and not a directly thru this site. then the answer is NO you don't need to unlink your device if you are changing devices. like going from a roku to an android device.
when add the apk file to the new device, it give you a link code just link will link without having to unlink the old device. the new device will link and the old device will be automatically unlinked by the server. remember this is only if you got your subscription from a reseller.

hope this help a few of you members, and reduces the number post for mods to unlink devices.
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