How to post for Beginners

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How to post for Beginners

Postby admin » Thu May 07, 2015 10:17 pm

Thanks Goes to purriocity™ for this wonderful , informative post

1 When you log on to the site you enter in to the main page which is the forum section. This is where you can view all of the directories and and sub directories located in each.

2 Keep in mind that if you go into some sections you will see that there is red, green and blue colors.
The red section is for the files. No questions are to be asked in there.

The green section is for the help and guides.
This is where you can go to and read from that will help you learn more about whatever it is that you want to learn about.
These 2 sub sections are located at the top of page.

Just below that you will see a bunch of blue colored postings.
This is the discussion area.
Whenever you have a question about this topic or category this is where you would post your question.

Keep in mind those other post are somebody else's question/Thread so do not ask questions in someone else's thread this is considered Hijacking and is not allowed,

start your own thread it is encouraged and respected that is what the Forum is for.

3 To start your own post/thread you will notice at the top of this section that there is a symbol that says new thread that looks like this this is what you press to to start you own.
Once you have pressed this a new page will open.

4 At the top of the page you will see a long slim box labeled Title.This is where you give your thread a name regaurding what your question is about.

5 Below Title box is a bigger box gray in color.This is called the Message box.This is where you type in your questions/post. Please Take the time to ask questions in COMPLETE sentences, adding all information that is about your specific issue ... the more detail the more likely your answer will be Quick and to the point...

6 After filling in both the Title and Message box you now need to submit your new thread.

as you scroll down to hit the Submit Post you will see other options ... like posting an attachment, like a picture of your issue etc ...

Please DO not use the ATTENTION "ATTN:" one ..that is reserved for annoucements for all ...not that your FREE TV does not work ...

At the bottom you will notice a symbol that says Submit New Thread.
Click on this symbol and you are done and have successfully made your first post.

The page will reload and show you the post that you just made that others can view and reply to in order to help you with your questions.

Cheers and happy postings.

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