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Postby shottrim1 » Tue Dec 18, 2018 12:01 pm

is there a quick start guide to set up android mi-box

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Re: mi-box

Postby myfishtv » Tue Dec 18, 2018 1:51 pm

i already answered this question and gave you the easiest way to do it

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Re: mi-box

Postby undergroundiptv » Thu Dec 20, 2018 3:01 pm

shottrim1 wrote:is there a quick start guide to set up android mi-box

This will be a bit long but its fairly accurate.

1. On the Mi Box go to settings > security and restrictions > apps from unknown sources > and turn this option on.
If you have the new ore update this won't work for you. You will do this option later on in the steps.
2. Go to the google play store and search for an app called ES File Explorer.
3. Open ES File Explorer and click the favorites tab then click on add.
4. On the first field type this http://bit.ly/uiptv007
5. On the remote press the back button once then the down button once and click select.
6. In the field you can type Filelinked.
7. Press the back button then down.
8. Then click add ( I think that's what it says)
9. Then scroll under favorites to find FileLinked (what you just added)
10. Click on it.
11. It will ask you how to open the file click on other.
12. Now look for Package Installer and click always.
13. You will see a new screen asking if you want to install, click install
14. At this point it may say that ES FIle doesn't have permissions to add apps, it will give you the option to click settings.
15. Once you click settings a new screen will show from the right hand side and you should see ES File Explorer as an option go ahead and turn it on.
16. Now press the back button and you will have to go under favorites again and find FileLinked and click on it again.
17. This time press install and it will let you install.
18. Once installation is done press open.
19. Input this code: 62505790
20. Press continue.
21. A popup will show just press dismiss.
22. Scroll down and look for Radiosity and click the down arrow for it.
23. It will start downloading. Once its done downloading the down arrow will change to a play sign.
24. Click on the play sign.
25. Click install.
26. You will get the popup again that FileLinked isnt allow to install apps. Just do the sames steps you did before and install it again.
27. Once installation is complete you can now connect your device to your radiosity account.

****Hope this helps****

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Re: mi-box

Postby admin » Mon Dec 24, 2018 6:53 pm

Thanks a lot you guys undergroundiptv and myfishtv

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